Articles before 2000

1990 Romania who did tell lies? – prepared for the Seminar in Grenoble organised br Reporters sans frontierres

1993 A WORLD IS CHANGING – Address at the symposium “Privatization and Establishment of Joint-Ventures in Tourism”, organized by Hanns Seidel Foundation, Sinaia, March 1993

1995 Speech for Bled – General Assembly of WATA – admittance to WATA 1995

1997 Tourism: Legislation, State, Facilities, European integration – Published in The Local Autonomy: no. 28 / January 1997 Romania Major changes in the tertiary industry.

Articles after 2000

2001 Tourism as mass media: a suitable tool acting locally 

2003 novi sad mutual promotion of cultural offer

2003 tourism a solution to sustain the rhythm of the development.pdf

2004 New Approaches on Building, Organizing and Managing an Area Destination

2004 Cursele aviatice de tarif scazut (law costs airlines) – efect benefic al integrarii europene, al globalizarii2004 Ford s revolution in transportation

2004 New Approaches on Building a touristic Destination

2004 Tourism as mass media a tool which can lead from weekends to seven earning days

2006 criza-litoralului-romanesc published in Euroeconomia

2007 An Outline on how to Boost the Communication of a Tourist Destination by the European Cultural Capital Program

2011 Ranking Influence on Romanian Universities: the unintended perverted Effects of the Ranking of Universities within the political Environments within Countries in Transition. Case Study: Romania

2001 -2016 calendar-deplasari

2019 Sibcoin criptomonede 5G si IoT


The Impact of the 2007 European Cultural Capital Program in Sibiu: a long Term Perspective. A Report to the City of Sibiu/Hermannstadt – Richards, G., Rotariu.I., Editura Universitatii Lucian Blaga, 2010

Comunicare si relatii publice de afaceri – Rotariu, I., Muntean, M., Danciu, L.A., Editura Universitatii Lucian Blaga, 2010

Globalizare si turism: cazul Romaniei – Rotariu, I., Editura Continent, 2004

Globalisation and Tourism: Case study Romania – Rotariu I., Editura Alma Mater, 2008

Dezvoltarea destinatiei turistice – Rotariu, I. Editura Alma Mater, 2009

It is about the Time to rewrite the Economics: the Course from 3S to 3E – Rotariu, I., Editura Alma Mater, 2006

2002 DRACULA AS CULTURAL TOURISM – or ” the long way the fiction in Bram Stoker’s book turns into a “cultural tourism product” or ” the incredible saga of a mass media subject which is about to become a prophet in its own roots’ place “- The ATLAS Winter University – January, 2002, PORTOROZ, Sloven – “Cultural tourism: past, present, future”

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